Does GMC Have an Electric Vehicle? | Prime Buick GMC in Hanover, near Braintree and Scituate

While gas-powered vehicles have seen significant improvements over the years, their efficiency limitations and environmental impact have been apparent for some time now. However, the automotive landscape has started to shift, and alternative power sources are quickly gaining traction throughout the industry. With battery technologies and manufacturing processes rapidly advancing, the future of automobility is clarifying—and we can see that it's going to be electric.

GMC is embracing the transition to electrification, understanding not only the environmental and economic


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Find oil maintenance services at Prime Buick GMC, near Quincy and Braintree, MA

While they may seem pretty basic, oil changes are the most vital component of a vehicle's routine maintenance. Your Buick or GMC's engine contains many fast-moving steel or aluminum alloy parts that slide against each other thousands of times per minute. But due to metal's high friction coefficient, those parts strongly resist sliding with proper lubrication. Motor oil creates a thin film between the parts, allowing them to move freely and mitigating excessive heat and wear. And without the oil, the friction and heat can cause rapid and catastrophic engine failure.

But mitigating...

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When does my Honda need new brakes, and how much does it cost?—Prime Buick GMC in Hanover, near Quincy, MA

While the main purpose of your Buick or GMC is to "go," being able to adequately stop is perhaps even more important. Weak or otherwise sub-par braking performance can negatively affect driving confidence and is not only dangerous to you but also to others on the road. Thus, proper brake care is an essential part of routine maintenance. However, since brakes usually just work and are located out of sight, they're easy to take for granted. But preventative maintenance can help mitigate problems before they occur.

How do I know when my Honda needs brake service?

Noises like squealing…

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What type of battery does my vehicle need?—Prime Buick GMC in Hanover, near Quincy, MA

The consequences of a dead battery can range from the inconvenience of asking strangers for a jump to the danger of getting stuck alone in freezing temperatures. So, it's important to know the signs of a stressed battery so that you can have it tested and swapped out before theirs a problem. These indicators can help you recognize potential troubles without waiting for a failed start.

  • The Battery/Check Engine light comes on
  • Ignition seems sluggish or strained
  • You notice battery leakage or corroded terminals
  • The battery case appears swollen
  • Dimming interior or exterior lighting



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What is a tire rotation, and why is it necessary?—Prime Buick GMC in Hanover, near Quincy, MA

Tires may seem like a basic concept, but they're a big part of your vehicle's performance, efficiency, safety, and comfort. The pneumatic design helps absorb jolts from road imperfections for better ride quality, and the tread provides traction by gripping the asphalt and channeling water away from the contact patch. And as the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, proper tire maintenance, like tire rotations, is a vital part of routine car care.

Front tires degrade faster than rear tires due to the added friction of turning and the extra weight of the engine…

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